Open to Junior and Adult Amateur Riders. 
To be shown over a course of 7 or more fences, and may be offered at 3’3” and/or 3’6” in height based upon management’s discretion. Heights and/or Junior & Adult Riders may be judged separately or concurrently as one class at management’s discretion.

Course shall include a minimum of three oxers with at least one combination strongly suggested. Combination may include one oxer. There shall be at least two changes of lead after the first fence. The judge may choose to insert two tests into the original course (USEF 1 – 18), or call back the top four riders, or utilize a flat phase to complete the requirements for the class. Any further testing is optional.

Non-USEF rated horse shows may offer this class however, a USEF licensed judge must be utilized, and qualified medical personnel must be on site. The class may run concurrently with another class of like specifications. Only one rider per horse. To fill a class, three competitors must complete the course. The top eight riders who complete the class will be pinned in the order of the judges’ choosing. Those choosing not to return, if further testing is requested either on the flat or over fences, will be placed after those that do return. Riders do not have to be PHA members to participate in this class.

Points won in this class are as follows: with up to 15 riders, points will count 10-6-4-2-1-1/2; with 16 to 30 riders points will count double, and with 31 riders and above points will count triple. All classes with 50 or more entries at the beginning of the class must be divided and run as two separate classes with separate trophies and ribbons. Based on these points, there will be a championship class for the 40 riders who have accumulated the most points throughout the season. To be held at National PHA Finals Show, at the end of October. The winner of the championship class is no longer eligible to compete in the finals.